Alex Corner

University of Sheffield

I am a PhD student in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sheffield, under the supervision of Nick Gurski. My area of interest is category theory, particularly concerning coherence and operads/multicategories. I have recently been thinking about coherence for 3-categorical structures by considering computads for 3-globular operads.


(With Nick Gurski) Operads with general groups of equivariance, and some 2-categorical aspects of operads in Cat


Tensoring braided strict monoidal categories, July 4 2015, CT2014, University of Cambridge

Tensoring braided strict monoidal categories, April 27 2014, PSSL95, Masaryk University


Kan Extension Seminar: Coherence for categorical structures, June 29, University of Cambridge

Codescent objects and coherence, May 26 2014, Kan Extension Web Seminar, Blog Post

2-monads, algebras, and coherence, April 1 - May 13 2014, Category Theory Seminar, University of Sheffield

Operads and multicategories, October 23 2013, Pure Postgraduate Seminar, University of Sheffield

Topological quantum field theories, April 30 2013, Pure Postgraduate Seminar, University of Sheffield


I did an undergraduate MMath degree here at the University of Sheffield, where my fourth year project was also supervised by Nick Gurski on the topic of abelian categories.



PSSL96, October 11 - 12 2014, University of Palermo

Conferences I have attended:

Category Theory 2014, June 29 - July 5 2014, University of Cambridge

ARTIN 40, May 9 - 10 2014, University of Sheffield

PSSL95, April 26 - 27 2014, Masaryk University

Samuel Eilenberg Centenary Conference, July 22 - 26 2013, University of Warsaw

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2013, June 17 - 20 2013, University of Edinburgh

British Mathematics Colloquium 2013, March 25 - 28 2013, University of Sheffield

PSSL 94, March 25 2013, University of Sheffield

I regularly attend the Transpennine Topology Triangle meetings.

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Alex Corner
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